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"A Case Study on State-Based Robustness Testing of an Operating System for the Avionic Domain".
Domenico Cotroneo, Domenico Di Leo, Roberto Natella, Roberto Pietrantuono
"A Collaborative Event Processing System for Protection of Critical Infrastructures From Cyber Attacks".
Leonardo Aniello, Giuseppe A. Di Luna, Giorgia Lodi, and Roberto Baldoni
"A Fault-Tolerant, Dynamically Scheduled Pipeline Structure for Chip Multiprocessors".
Hananeh Aliee, Hamid R. Zarandi
"A framework for simulation and symbolic state space analysis of non-Markovian models".
Laura Carnevali, Lorenzo Ridi, Enrico Vicario
"A statistical anomaly-based algorithm for on-line fault detection in complex software critical systems".
Antonio Bovenzi, Francesco Brancati, Stefano Russo and Andrea Bondavalli
"An integrated approach for availability and QoS evaluation in railway systems".
Antonino Mazzeo, Nicola Mazzocca, Roberto Nardone, Luca D’Acierno, Bruno Montella, Vincenzo Punzo, Egidio Quaglietta, Immacolata Lamberti, Pietro Marmo
"Automatic Synthesis of SRN Models from System Operation Templates for Availability Analysis".
Kumiko Tadano, Jiangwen Xiang, Masahiro Kawato and Yoshiharu Maeno
"Computer-Aided PHA, FTA and FMEA for Automotive Embedded Systems".
Roland Mader, Eric Armengaud, Andrea Leitner, Christian Kreiner, Quentin Bourrouilh, Gerhard Grießnig, Christian Steger, and Reinhold Weiß
"Criticality-Driven Component Integration in Complex Software Systems".
Antonio Pecchia, Roberto Pietrantuono, and Stefano Russo
"DALculus – Theory and Tool for Development Assurance Level Allocation".
Pierre Bieber, Rémi Delmas, Christel Seguin
"Equivalence Checking between Function Block Diagrams and C Programs using HW-CBMC".
Dong-Ah Lee and Junbeom Yoo
"Establishing Con dence in the Usage of Software Tools in Context of ISO 26262".
Joachim Hillebrand, Peter Reichenpfader, Irenka Mandic, Hannes Siegl, and Christian Peer
"Evolutionary Risk Analysis: Expert Judgment".
Massimo Felici, Valentino Meduri, Bjørnar Solhaug, Alessandra Tedeschi
"Fault-Based Generation of Test Cases from UML-Models – Approach and Experiences".
Wolfgang Herzner, Rupert Schlick, Elisabeth Jöbstl
"FloGuard: Cost-aware Systemwide Intrusion Defense via Online Forensics and On-demand IDS Deployment".
Saman A. Zonouz, Kaustubh R. Joshi, and William H. Sanders
"Formal Methods for the Certification of Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft Systems".
Matt Webster, Michael Fisher, Neil Cameron, and Mike Jump
"From Probabilistic Counterexamples via Causality to Fault Trees".
Matthias Kuntz, Florian Leitner-Fischer, and Stefan Leue
"Improvement of Processes and Methods in Testing Activities for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems".
Giuseppe Bonifacio, Pietro Marmo, Antonio Orazzo, Ida Petrone, Luigi Velardi, Alessio Venticinque
"Integration of a system for Critical Infrastructure Protection with the OSSIM SIEM platform: a dam case study".
Luigi Coppolino, Salvatore D’Antonio, Valerio Formicola, and Luigi Romano
"ISO/IEC 15504-10: Motivations for Another Safety Standard".
Giuseppe Lami, Fabrizio Fabbrini, Mario Fusani
"Model-Based Multi-Objective Safety Optimization".
Matthias Güdemann and Frank Ortmeier
"Model-driven availability evaluation of railway control systems".
Simona Bernardi, Francesco Flammini, Stefano Marrone, José Merseguer, Camilla Papa, and Valeria Vittorini
"Modeling Aircrafts Operational Reliability".
Kossi Tiassou, Karama Kanoun, Mohamed Kaâniche, Christel Seguin, Chris Papadopoulos
"Multi-Objective Optimization for Reliable Traffic Grooming in Optical Network Design".
Pakorn Leesutthipornchai, Naruemon Wattanapongsakorn and Chalermpol Charnsripinyo
"On the adoption of Model Checking in safety-related software industry".
A. Fantechi and S. Gnesi
"On the use of semantic technologies to model and control Security, Privacy and Dependability in complex systems".
Andrea Fiaschetti, Francesco Lavorato, Vincenzo Suraci, Andi Palo, Andrea Taglialatela, Andrea Morgagni, Renato Baldelli, Francesco Flammini
"Reducing Complexity of Data Flow Testing in the Verification of a IEC-62304 Flexible Workflow System".
Federico Cruciani and Enrico Vicario
"Rigorous evidence of freedom from concurrency faults in industrial control software".
Richard Bonichon, Géraud Canet, Loïc Correnson, Eric Goubault, Emmanuel Haucourt, Michel Hirschowitz, Sébastien Labbé and Samuel Mimram
"Security Analysis of Smart Grid Data Collection Technologies".
Luigi Coppolino, Salvatore D’Antonio, Ivano Alessandro Elia, and Luigi Romano
"The Effect of Correlated Failure Rates on the Reliability of Continuous Time 1-out-of-2 Software".
Peter Popov, Gabriele Manno
"Towards cross-domains model-based safety process, methods and tools for critical embedded systems: The CESAR approach".
Jean-Paul Blanquart, Eric Armengaud, Philippe Baufreton, Quentin Bourrouilh, Gehrard Griessnig, Martin Krammer, Odile Laurent, Joseph Machrouh, Thomas Peikenkamp, Cecile Schindler, Tormod Wien
"Tradeoff exploration between reliability, power consumption, and execution time".
Ismail Assayad, Alain Girault, and Hamoudi Kalla
"Using a Software Safety Argument Pattern Catalogue: Two Case Studies".
Richard Hawkins, Kester Clegg, Rob Alexander, and Tim Kelly
"Verifying functional behaviors of automotive products in EAST-ADL2 using UPPAAL-PORT".
Eun-Young Kang, Pierre-Yves Schobbens, and Paul Pettersson
"Vertical Safety Interfaces - Improving the Efficiency of Modular Certification".
Bastian Zimmer, Susanne Bürklen, Jens Höfflinger, and Mario Trapp