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Safety and security of computer-based systems and infrastructures: from risk assessment to threat mitigation


The criticality of computers employed in complex information infrastructures and control systems is rapidly growing. Complexity is a result of size, distributionand heterogeneity. Size refers to the number of functionalities requested to modern computers, which imply larger programs and databases. Distribution is an effect of the need for networked ubiquitous devices required by modern applications. Heterogeneity is given by the diverse hardware and software architectures involved in the design. The criticality attribute is related to the domains in which computer systems operate, whereas a failure can cause a significant loss of money, injuries, kills or even disastrously events.
In addition to the problems posed by the use of computers for safety critical  applications, the conference will also address the new challenges of complex information infrastructures with special emphasis to vulnerability to attacks and consequent cascading effects. Among other things, in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the development and assessment process, model-based or model-driven techniques are needed which support holistic analyses at different stages of system life-cycle, through abstraction, hierarchy and modularity. Those techniques should be such to enable a rigorous (possibly automated) systemic process allowing engineers to design and fine-tune appropriate costeffective countermeasures starting from the risk assessment results. The 30th edition of SAFECOMP focuses on the challenges arising from the need of protecting critical computer-based systems, and on the themes related to: the resilience of critical systems, the relationships between fault tolerance and self-healing, the definition and application of threat mitigation approaches and strategies.

The best presentation will be awarded free attendance to Safecomp 2012.