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Tutorial 2

Tutorial 2. September 22, 2011 (CANCELLED)

Dr. Iosif Androulidakis
Network Operations Center of the University of Ioannina, Greece

Title: Mobile Phone Security, Interception and Forensics

Abstract: Security and secrets of mobile phones will be discussed, in software and hardware level. Interception, fraud and other malicious techniques “against” their users will be analyzed. Audience will be able to understand fraudsters’ modus operandi and will be presented with protection methods. Participants will also learn where forensics data reside in the mobile phone and the network and how to conduct a relevant analysis. There will be hands-on parts, where the techniques will be demonstrated live. Finally, an actual implementation-demonstration of interception of voice and sms with specific equipments will take place (law permitting – otherwise it will be presented in video).

Instructor Bio: Dr Iosif Androulidakis has served as Head of Telephony Department in the University of Ioannina.  He has authored more than 25 papers and presented more than 50 talks and lectures on ICT security issues in international conferences and seminars in 16 countries. His research interests focus on security in PBXs (private telephony exchanges) as well as in mobile phones and embedded systems. Recent collaborations include OTE’s Security & Fraud Control Division, the Greek Fiscal and Economic Investigation Service, the Greek Police, the European Public Law Center, the Southeastern Europe Telecommunications & Informatics Research Institute, the Media and private security consulting firms. Holding two patents, he is a member of IEEE (Technical Committee on Security & Privacy) and ACM (Special Interest Group on Security Audit & Control) as well as a certified ISO9001 and ISO27001 systems auditor and consultant.

Expected Duration: to be defined